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The Flawless Yarn Join (FYJ) is a technique that has been a real game changer for me (I hate weaving in ends!). It is used any time you need to add in new yarn -- that could be at the end of a skein or just for a color change. It works well with most yarn materials (wool, cotton, alpaca, etc.) and is especially good with thinner yarns and patterns with open crochet work where the join is easily hidden. Always test the join by pushing and pulling it to ensure the knot holds with your particular yarn. I can't help but imagine this is actually a special historic sailor's knot that we have appropriated for our yarn creations!

Instructions: Hold the two pieces of yarn you want to connect side by side between your thumb and forefinger, with about an inch of yarn sticking out from your thumb. Keeping the hold intact here and throughout the steps, wrap the left piece of yarn around your upper knuckle three times, wrapping from the right side of your thumb to the left. Slide the top wrap off your thumb, and fold the two ends of yarn over that wrap and under your thumb. Slowly pull that original piece of yarn away from your thumb, guide each of the remaining two wraps of yarn off your thumb. Look under your thumb to find a perfect knot! Pull each end of the newly joined yarn to tighten the knot completely. Use scissors to trim away any tails from the knot. Continue on with your crocheting!

Here's a handy video I posted on Instagram to help you with the technique: With Love From Molly - Flawless Yarn Join

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Do you ever lose count as you make your foundation chain, only to find the mistake at the end of the single crochet row you work into it? Or do you get the counting right, but your chain row is so much tighter than your final row? So frustrating! Don't worry, your chain problems are over with the Foundation Single Crochet (FSC) technique! This method has you create both the chain and the single crochet row at the same time. It will feel like magic, and will ensure you always have the right count and perfect tension to your row. This is also an excellent method if you're doing some freestyle crochet and aren't sure how long you want the foundation row to be. 

Instructions: Make a slip knot and chain 2, insert hook into top two strands of the first chain, YO, pull loop through, YO, pull through one loop, YO, pull through both loops on hook. You have completed your first single crochet foundation chain stitch. Insert hook into newly made chain (the V with two strands above, three strands below), YO, pull loop through, YO, pull through one loop, YO, pull through both loops on hook. You have completed your second single crochet foundation chain stitch. Your single crochet stitches are to the right (or bottom, depending on how you’re looking at your chain). Continue as you did with the second stitch until you have the correct number of foundation chain stitches for the pattern. It’s best to keep your stitches somewhat loose when building this foundation chain, otherwise you will be struggling to insert your hook into the V spots.

Here's a handy step-by-step photo tutorial from Purl Soho to help you: Foundation Single Crochet (FSC)