For many years I was a frustrated knitter -- I loved yarn and the ability to make warm and cozy items, but I never got past the "rectangles" phase. Knitting had too many rules, too much room for error, and not enough flow, so I let it go.

Two years ago, on a summer day in the backyard with my sister-in-law, she taught me the magic of crocheting a granny square, and I was, shall we say, hooked! It felt like meeting the craft mate of my dreams. Crochet is open and vibrant and doesn't care if you make a mistake -- just rip it out and go again! I have thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in this art, creating so many dynamic pieces and learning such interesting techniques. Even when the puzzle of a pattern gets difficult or frustrating, it's such a joy when it finally clicks. The ability to make your own garments is such a thrill!

This love of crochet has also been an amazing way to connect with my sweet grandmother, who was an avid crocheter. She passed away several years ago, but I am able to look at the intricate bedspreads she crocheted and tiny hooks she used with a new and appreciative eye. Creating a piece using one of her hooks feels like her hand is right there on mine.

I'm excited to give back some of the crochet knowledge I have soaked up by offering my own patterns, as well as tools for both knitters and crocheters. Crochet (and the subsequent yarn addiction) will forever be part of the fabric of my life. I hope my creations inspire you to feel the same!

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Three years ago I launched Rock That Gem, a handcrafted gorgeous gemstone jewelry line. With over twelve years of experience in the jewelry industry and a gemology degree, I have a keen eye for detail and a vast knowledge of gemstones. Each jewelry piece showcases the beautiful gems without excess frills or distraction. Layer the pieces together for a strong gemstone statement, or alone to let the natural good looks of you and the gemstone shine! This love of gems also lead to the creation of the With Love From Molly x Rock That Gem stitch markers, a perfect way to add some natural glamour to your knit or crochet project!


My very first business, The Ring Liaison, started seven years ago after hearing far too many stories of couples struggling with the engagement ring process. Women were picking out their ring in stores and missing out on the surprise of the engagement, and men didn't know where to go for reliable and affordable diamonds. The Ring Liaison is an engagement ring consulting service where the client and I use my expertise to work with respected jewelers, choose the diamonds, and create the ring from scratch. A wonderful way to ensure the value of the purchase and keep the surprise of popping the question!